Scraper KUNZ

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Side scraper, with cast-iron handle, painted green.
Tool-grade-steel blade 60 x 60 mm, hardened and ground on both sides. Can be resharpened easily.
A practical tool that fits well in the hand and can be used by right- or left-handers.
Length 310 mm, blade 60 x 60 mm, weight 530g.
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    Article-No. Length (mm) Weight (g) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    2144-006 310 530 KUNZ-Zugschaber mit 6cm-Zwei-Schneiden-Klinge
    Art.Nr.: 2144-006
    weight (g): 530
    length (mm): 310
    netto: €28.49

    In stock.

    netto: €28.49

    In stock.