Mounting of boat hooks

1223*04 Bootshakenmontage
€19.00 *

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Together with a TOPLICHT boat hook pole and a boat hook tip, an individual boat hook can be manufactured.

If you want us to do the mounting, we charge 19,00 Euro for it. A boat hook tip, a boat hook stem, and the article mounting of boat hooks (article-no 1223-000) must be added to the shopping cart.

Please note: Items over 1.10 m long can only be shipped as bulky goods, increased shipping costs will apply.

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    Article-No. Description Article Price (Multiplied) Delivery Quantity
    1223-000 Mounting of boathook Montage einer Spitze auf Bootshakenstiel
    Art.Nr.: 1223-000
    description: Mounting of boathook
    net: €15.97

    approx. 5 Workdays

    net: €15.97

    approx. 5 Workdays

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