Marine gas bottle regulator for Campingaz bottles

4718*07 Marine-Gasdruckregler für CAMPINGAZ-Flaschen
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For connection to Campingaz cylinders and gas cartridges with screw-on thread to regulate the pressure to the nominal pressure of the gas equipment.


  • with shut-off valve,
  • corrosion resistant in accordance with EN 16129, annex M,
  • pressure relief valve PRV, response pressure 150 mbar, a discharge line can be installed on the pipe socket, (8 mm) to discharge the overpressure,
  • EC type approval according to PED,
  • Flow rate: 0,5 kg/h,
  • maximum admissible pressure: PS 10 bar,
  • Input: Campingaz bottles (M16 x 1,5),
  • Outlet: G¼"LH.

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    Article-No. Model Description Pressure (mbar) Flow rate Connections Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4718-037 EN61 for Campingaz 30 0,5 kg/h straight GOK-Marinedruckregler GAZ*G1/4"LH 30mbar 0,5kg/h
    Art.Nr.: 4718-037
    pressure (mbar): 30
    model: EN61
    connections: straight
    description: for Campingaz
    flow rate: 0,5 kg/h
    net: €41.18

    In stock.

    net: €41.18

    In stock.