CROMOX chain stainless steel electro-polished GK6

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Short-link anchor chain made of high-strength stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L), grade 6. Calibrated and true to gauge according to DIN 766A. The chain has high corrosion resistance in salt water, even at high water temperatures up to 28° (PRE value approx. 25).  The surface is electropolished.

Minimum order quantity 20 m. Delivery in whole bundles from 20 m length - made up according to your length specification. Each bundle is supplied with a certificate according to EN 10204-2.2. Delivery time approx. 3 weeks.

CROMOX stainless steel anchor chains reach their maximum corrosion resistance in electropolished condition. During electropolishing, the surface is microscopically smoothed by electrochemical material. In addition, chromium and nickel accumulate on the surface, resulting in the formation of a resistant passive layer. This combination of minimum surface area with optimum passive layer results in excellent corrosion resistance.

CROMOX anchor chains are produced in Germany by KETTEN WÄLDER. These chains offer maximum safety due to a particularly high breaking force, or a significant weight saving, since a smaller chain diameter can be used for the same breaking force. They fall easily and lay well in the chain case. The surface of the chains is very smooth, so that there is little adhesion of silt and sand, and thus hardly any dirt and fouling problems.

This chain is also available with a plain polished, bright surface (see matching articles).
A true to gauge chain according to ISO4565 is also available on request.

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    Article-No. Model D (mm) T (mm) W (B) (mm) SWL (kN) BRL (kN) Article Price (Running Meter) Delivery Quantity
    1259-108 CDK 8 8 24,00 27,20 31,50 63,00 A4-Kette(1.4404)DIN766A*8mm BRL=63kN CROMOX e-pol.
    Art.Nr.: 1259-108
    BRL (kN): 63,00
    model: CDK 8
    D (mm): 8
    T (mm): 24,00
    W (B) (mm): 27,20
    SWL (kN): 31,50
    net: €43.70

    On request.

    net: €43.70

    On request.

    1259-110 CDK 10 10 28,00 36,00 50,00 100,00 A4-Kette(1.4404)DIN766A10mm BRL=100kN CROMOX e-pol
    Art.Nr.: 1259-110
    D (mm): 10
    T (mm): 28,00
    W (B) (mm): 36,00
    SWL (kN): 50,00
    BRL (kN): 100,00
    model: CDK 10
    net: €69.75

    On request.

    net: €69.75

    On request.

    1259-113 CDK 13 13 36,00 47,00 83,50 167,00 A4-Kette(1.4404)DIN766A13mm BRL=167kN CROMOX e-pol
    Art.Nr.: 1259-113
    D (mm): 13
    T (mm): 36,00
    W (B) (mm): 47,00
    SWL (kN): 83,50
    BRL (kN): 167,00
    model: CDK 13
    net: €117.65

    On request.

    net: €117.65

    On request.

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