BARIGO Barograph 2018 with 4 diaphragms

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This small, classic precision barograph is a piece of jewel and is used for continuous measurement of athmospheric air pressure. It is manufactured in the Schwazwald by the BARIGO company.

The machanic barograph has a quartz clockwork in the solid brass drum, which makes the drum rotate once a week. A fiber pen attached to the tip of the writing arm records the change in air pressure on a graph paper attached to the drum. The air pressure and its change is measured by four stacked pressure probes and precisely transferred to the writing arm by a mechanical linkage. The graph created, the barogram, provides the expert with information about the local weather trends, whereby it is not the absolute value of the air pressure that is relevant, but the changes in pressure.

The varnished mahogany wood case has a squiggly brass handle and can be opened.

Supplied with one year's set of chart paper and one fiber pen.

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    Article-No. Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4408-018 BARIGO 2018 195 125 127 Barograph BARIGO 2018 Mahagoni
    Art.Nr.: 4408-018
    model: BARIGO 2018
    width (mm): 125
    height (mm): 127
    length (mm): 195
    net: €802.52

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    net: €802.52

    In stock.