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4009*02 Glaszylinder für SÖRENSEN-Stableuchten Glass chimneys for SÖRENSEN lamps
Spare glass chimney for SHIP's-Lamp (chromed) and PASSENGER-Lamp from SÖRENSEN.
Art.-Nr.: 4009...
4009*03 Transformator 230/240V auf 12V/35-105W Transformer 230/240V to 12V / 35-105W
With this quality transformer, 12 V DC electric lights can be attached to 230/240 V AC systems. Safety transformer for the EU: - Input voltage 230/240 V, 50/60 Hz -Output voltage 11.6 V, 35 - 105 Watt. -- two outputs, two lamps can be...
Art.-Nr.: 4009...
4009*04 Glaszylinder SÖRENSEN-SHIP-Lamp II Glass chimney for SÖRENSEN-SHIP-Lamp II
Spare chimney for SHIP's-Lamp II made by SÖRENSEN.
Art.-Nr.: 4009...
4009*05 Transformator für LED-Leuchtmittel Current transformer for LED lamps
Electronic power transformer for LED lamps. In: 250V, Out: direct current (DC) 12V.
Art.-Nr.: 4009...
4028_02 Accessories for DINNER candle lamp
We offer the following accessories for our dinner lamps:
from €34.00
Art.-Nr.: 4028...
4034*22 PREBIT Abdeckring für PREBIT-Leuchten Cover ring for PREBIT lights
Cover ring as spare part for PREBIT lights with a ground plate of D= 55 mm. Gold plated or chromed version available to cover old screw holes, D= 92 mm.
from €29.90
Art.-Nr.: 4034...
4034*24 PREBIT Schalt-/Dimmodul LD-200 PREBIT dimmer switch module LD-200
The control module LD-200 to separately dim the PREBIT LED-lights (main and secondary) of the EB 12-3 and D1-3 series. A separate push button switch is required.
Art.-Nr.: 4034...
4153_06 Cardboard shade nautical chart round
Maritime Pergazella lampshade printed in black with a historical nautical chart motif. The lampshade is edged in red at the top and bottom.
Art.-Nr.: 4153...
4157_01 Electric "burner" for paraffin lamps
Allows the conversion of paraffin lamps to work on electrical systems of 12, 24 or 230 volts. Fits a VESTA glass shade or a cardboard shade. Cord entrance on the side of the burner. Connection cable length approx. 180 cm, with rocker...
Art.-Nr.: 4157...
4158*01 Tauwerk-Kabel Rope cable
For hanging lamps. 3-wire cable (3 x 0.75 sq.mm), round braided with hemp-colored synthetic rope.
Art.-Nr.: 4158...
4193_11 Spare lamp glass for ELLIPSE light DELITE
Spare lamp glass for the light ELLIPSE by DELITE. Here we offer only the spare lamp glass. The entire lamp shown in the photo is not included. We regret the ELLIPSE lamp is no longer available.
Art.-Nr.: 4193...
4509*04 Glasschirm für Wandleuchte DAVEY Glass shade DAVEY
Spare glass shade for our DAVEY bracket lamp Article-No. 4509-... Delicate shade of white-satin glass.
Art.-Nr.: 4509...
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