CABIN ceiling light ANNE with LED and night light

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Timeless, stylish ceiling light, which is manufactured to a very high standard.
The curved lens of satin white polycarbonate gives a pleasant, even light.
The brass coloured surface with PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating can optically not be differentiated from the traditional brass light, but displays excellent corrosion resistance.
with a small micro switch on the housing.

Shipping with CABIN's especially newly developed LED, which has a very comfortable warm luminous colour and beautiful light dispersion due to its silicon coating, light intensity 170 lm, with an additional red LED as safety and navigational light.
For 12 V, 3,6 W consumption.

After a long search for truly beautiful boat lighting, Danish silversmith and designer Povl Frigast began to make these high-quality CABIN lights in 1977. They are a successful mix of design and functionality, and take the era of the large classic yachts as inspiration.
Cabin lights are available in a variety of designs of consistent quality. These lights are purchases for the entire life of your boat.

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    Article-No. Surface Switch D (mm) H (mm) Socket Light bulb Voltage (V) Power (W) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4502-162 brass yes 165 45 G4 Led red/white 12 3,6 Ms/PVD-Deckenleuchte ANNE LED r/w 12V CABIN/Switch
    Art.Nr.: 4502-162
    D (mm): 165
    socket: G4
    light bulb: Led red/white
    switch: yes
    power (W): 3,6
    H (mm): 45
    surface: brass
    voltage (V): 12
    net: €164.71

    In stock.

    net: €164.71

    In stock.

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