STELTON Lighthouse Paraffinlamp Stainless Steel

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Elegant paraffin (kerosene) wall light with half-gimbaled hanger.
Modern Danish design from Erik Magnussen, matte-brushedstainless steel with integrated height-adjustable smokeplate.
The light comes with two wall fittings and can thus bemounted in a variety of places onboard.
10"' glass chimney KOSMOS short (spare cylinder 4130-110), the burner is made from nickeled brass.
Tankcontents: 0.25 l for approx. 12 hours of burning time.

STELTON, known for high-quality table accessoriesin modern Danish design, created these paraffin lights. With thesignature of designer Erik Magnussen, these lights stand out fortheir straight lines and high functionality.
Made from matte-brushed stainless steel, every light is a work of art that is just as unmistakable on the modern yacht as on a classic boat - or on land in individually designed living rooms. 

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    4039-010 STELTON Lighthouse LIGHTHOUSE-Wandleuchte Edelstahl Brenner 10-linig
    Art.Nr.: 4039-010
    version: STELTON Lighthouse
    netto: €247.90

    In stock.

    netto: €247.90

    In stock.

    4039-911 Spare Burner Cr-Brenner 10-linig für LIGHTHOUSE-Wandleuchte
    Art.Nr.: 4039-911
    version: Spare Burner
    netto: €49.58

    In stock.

    netto: €49.58

    In stock.

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