STELTON Lighthouse Paraffinlamp Stainless Steel

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Elegant paraffin (kerosene) wall light with half-gimbaled hanger.
Modern Danish design from Erik Magnussen, matte-brushed stainless steel with integrated height-adjustable smoke plate.
The light comes with two wall fittings and can thus be mounted in a variety of places onboard.
10"' glass chimney KOSMOS short (spare cylinder 4130-110), the burner is made from nickeled brass.
Tank contents: 0.25 l for approx. 12 hours of burning time.

STELTON, known for high-quality table accessories in modern Danish design, created these paraffin lights. With the signature of designer Erik Magnussen, these lights stand out for their straight lines and high functionality.
Made from matte-brushed stainless steel, every light is a work of art that is just as unmistakable on the modern yacht as on a classic boat - or on land in individually designed living rooms. 

spare parts: burner art.-no. 4039-911, cylinder art.-no. 4130-110

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    Article-No. Version Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4039-010 STELTON Lighthouse LIGHTHOUSE-Wandleuchte Edelstahl Brenner 10-linig
    Art.Nr.: 4039-010
    version: STELTON Lighthouse
    net: €259.66

    In stock.

    net: €259.66

    In stock.

    4039-911 Spare Burner Cr-Brenner 10-linig für LIGHTHOUSE-Wandleuchte
    Art.Nr.: 4039-911
    version: Spare Burner
    net: €55.38

    In stock.

    net: €55.38

    In stock.

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