Harbour Light ELBE 2 with VESTA glass shade

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The lamp ELBE 2 is the standard size of the HAMBURGER HAFENLICHTER and is manufactured in a small workshop, the famous "Eisenkrämerei" CHRISTIAN WEIMEISTER, in Hamburg at the Landungsbrücken after old designs with a lot of handwork. Each lamp is unique and has an embossed production number.

The tank is pressed from copper sheet and has a riveted decorative brass band. The vase ring and burner are made of brass. A lockable brass filler neck is soldered into the tank so that the burner does not have to be unscrewed for filling.

The lamp is hand polished, the harmonious interaction of the two materials copper and brass makes the warm light of the kerosene flame shine pleasantly. The kerosene lamp is equipped with a 8"' KOSMOS burner. The white VESTA shade made of satin glass provides a glare-free light.

A small copper funnel is included.

The HAMBURGER HAFENLICHTER are available in various sizes and different designs.

Tank diameter: 100 mm.
Tank height: 80 mm.
Total height: 300 mm.

Spare chimney 4130-008.

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