Diesel water / air heater 2,5kW WALLAS VIKING COMBI

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A new development of the Finish heating specialist WALLAS: the combined air and water heater VIKING COMBI allows 10% to 40% of the thermal output for the heating of the service water (with an optional external boiler), for the operation of external radiators or for floor heating. Up to 90% of the output may be used to heat the air.
The laminar flow burner technology and brushless radial blower motor stand for perfect ventilation at low noise emissions, even without sound absorber. Comfortable operation for the crew nor disturbance of neighbouring boats in port.
The future-oriented Greenboost burner is designed to work with vehicle diesel (EN 590) and also with future renewable and blended bio diesels and stands for low diesel consummations at ultra-low emissions, including very low CO2 and NOx levels.
Very low electric power consumption. Will also start at very low on-board voltage (from 9,6 V). The effective fresh air circulation for ventilation without heating is also possible.
Simple installation of the heaters in the engine room.
Long life time, corrosion resistant metal body, 3 years warranty, service stations world wide.

The heater is operated by the cable connected Advanced control panel, which is equipped with Bluetooth and WLAN modules (also possible are wireless system updates and the programming by Smartphone App). The separate wireless Bluetooth room thermostats (extremely simple and flexible installation, numerous thermostats are possible) enables their placing, exactly where the temperature is really going to be measured.
Functions: continuous manual control, intelligent processor controlled thermostat management, two level boost function, sun switch (cuts off automatically on warm days), child-proof lock, LED backlighting.

With built in fuel pump.
For 12 V onboard voltage, 0,55-1,0 A .
Two air intakes, two hot air outputs D=75mm, connections for the water circuit D=19mm.

For measurements refer to the chart. Easy replacement of former WALLAS DT heating systems, because the measurements and connections are identical.

Shipment: heater, wall mount bracket with mounting screws, control panel (with 6m connection cable), 4m fuel pipe with fuel filter, 4m power cable with 15 amp fuse.

Installation material for the exhaust, fresh and warm air is not included and must be ordered separately.

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    Article-No. Model L (mm) H (mm) T (mm) Output Air circulation Consumption Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4723-026 VIKING COMBI 424 278 140 0,95-2,5 kW 33-73 m³/h 0,1-0,25 l/h Diesel-Heizung WALLAS VIKING COMBI 12V*0,95-2,5 kW
    Art.Nr.: 4723-026
    air circulation: 33-73 m³/h
    T (mm): 140
    L (mm): 424
    consumption: 0,1-0,25 l/h
    H (mm): 278
    output: 0,95-2,5 kW
    model: VIKING COMBI
    net: €2,410.92

    In stock.

    net: €2,410.92

    In stock.

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