East Coast Metalworks, formerly Bronzework Marine from Suffolk in Great Britain, is a company specialised in bronze casting and the manufacturing of classic fittings for deck and mast equipment. Combining traditional and modern manufacturing techniques with extensive knowledge of materials and many years of experience, the company is able to offer high quality, classic boat fittings, which in individual cases can also be customised to the exact shape required by the customer.

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1391_01 Bronze sheet lead JAVOTTE
Strong sheet lead with nicely worked wide spout. Cast bronze, tumbled matte finish. Fixed by screws. Recast of the original fitting from the 1909 british Mylne design 12-Metre yacht JAVOTTE.
Art.-Nr.: 1391...
1391_02 Bronze pad eye CLASSIC MARINE
Strong cast bronze fairlead with hand-polished finish. With two holes for through-bolting or fixing screws. Can also be used as an attractive sheet lead on smaller boats.
from €65.50
Art.-Nr.: 1391...
1391_03 Sheet lead Tufnol / stainless steel
The polished stainless steel bail and TUFNOL fairlead yield a strong sheet fairlead that can be through-bolted. Complete with stainless steel base plate and backing plate.
from €65.90
Art.-Nr.: 1391...
1392_01 Bronze mast fitting
Classic mast-fitting set for round masts and round, oval, or square booms. Made in England, from high-quality marine bronze. The mast fitting is made up of two strong bolted rings of cast bronze, polished, and the screwed-on gooseneck....
from €729.00
Art.-Nr.: 1392...
1393_01 Gaff saddle fitting
Traditional gaff claw (claw fitting). The sturdy gaff saddle has a hand sewn leather cover, which protects the mast finish and may be greased to ease sliding. The gaff end fitting is cast of marine bronze and hand-polished. Clew fitting...
from €562.00
Art.-Nr.: 1393...
1394_01 Bronze mast traveller
Ring for lugger rigging, to hoist the yard (gaff). Beautiful simple bronze fitting, welded, cleanly sewn by hand with leather. The halyard suspension is constructed in such a way that the ring stays approximately horizontal under load...
from €158.00
Art.-Nr.: 1394...
1395-001 Ruderbeschlag 25mm DORY aus Bronze Rudder gear 25mm Bronze (for Dories)
Strong rudder fitting that, thanks to its slim vertical stern fitting, is especially well suited for dories and other boats with pointed stern. Made entirely of hand-polished cast bronze. The Straps are undrilled. The fitting comes...
Art.-Nr.: 1395...
1398*03 EAST COAST Klüverbaum-Nockbeschlag EAST COAST bronze bowsprit fitting
Open bowsprit fitting in very strong design with high breaking load. Made in England from polished bronze. The wide strap is equipped with drilled lugs on every side. The lug at the top has two holes. The front of the two eyes is usually...
from €499.00
Art.-Nr.: 1398...
1398*01 Mastband Bronze EAST COAST EAST COAST mastbands heavy bronze
Strong mast fittings with a high breaking load that can also be used as bowsprit fittings. Made in England and finished in polished bronze. With very strong, drilled lugs and wide strap for secure fastening. Available with two or four lugs.
from €112.00
Art.-Nr.: 1398...
1391-010 Laschzepter Bronze EAST COAST EAST COAST bronze lashing sceptre
Beautiful, strong fitting of polished cast bronze, made in England. For securing spars, anchor rods and other deck cargo. With two countersunk holes Ø=4 mm.
Art.-Nr.: 1391...
1394*02 Klüver-Rackring EAST COAST Bowsprit traveller EAST COAST
Bowsprit traveller for hauling out the jib sail on the jib boom or bowsprit. Hergestellt in Enghland. Heavy-duty A4 stainless steel fitting with solidly constructed, drilled plates. Well suited for attaching a headsail furling system....
from €262.00
Art.-Nr.: 1394...
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2257*02 Unterlegscheiben aus Bronze Bronze washers
from €0.35
2609_01 Foam brush
from €1.65
2240*01 LOXX Persenningknopf / Schnellverschluss mit federndem Innenleben LOXX fasteners
from €1.65
1024_01 Shock cord
from €1.00
1024*05 Krampenzange und Krampen Crimping pliers
from €54.90
2710-300 Teakdecking Systems Decksfugenmasse SIS440 TDS Marine Deck Caulkling Sealant
Content 0.3 Liter (€80.67 * / 1 Liter)
from €24.20
4025*01 Fingerschnäpper aus Messing Elbow catch
from €4.95
0000-001 TOPLICHT-Ausrüstungskatalog TOPLICHT equipment catalogue
Content 1 piece
2248_01 Lacing Button
from €0.45
2711*01 SIKAFLEX 291i universal Marine Dichtmasse SIKAFLEX 291 Adhesive Sealant
Content 0.07 Liter (€135.71 * / 1 Liter)
from €9.50
1065*01 Rettungsleine Safety line
from €0.45
2621*02 COELAN Bootsbeschichtung transparent glänzend COELAN Boat Coating transparent gloss finish
Content 0.75 Liter (€97.20 * / 1 Liter)
from €72.90
2059*23 EPIFANES Farbrührstäbe EPIFANES Paint stirrer
Content 1 piece
from €0.50
2748*01 Bitumenspachtelkitt Bituminous mastic
Content 1 kg
from €11.90
2720*01 WEST SYSTEM Epoxy im Set mit Harz und Härter WEST SYSTEM set with resin and hardener
Content 1.2 kg (€58.25 * / 1 kg)
from €69.90
2294_01 Copper boatnails / rivets
Content 1 kg
from €59.90
1684_01 Brass ring nut
from €4.40
2701*02 BOSTIK SIMSON CA (Construction Adhesive) BOSTIC SIMSON CA (Construction Adhesive)
Content 0.29 Liter (€61.90 * / 1 Liter)
from €17.95
2602*01 Flachpinsel Brush
from €1.40
4401_02 Piano hinge stainless steel
Content 0.5 m (€14.80 * / 1 m)
from €7.40
2050*01 EPIFANES Bootslack klar EPIFANES Clear Varnish
Content 0.25 Liter (€63.60 * / 1 Liter)
from €15.90
2053*01 EPIFANES Bootslack EPIFANES Yacht Enamel
Content 0.75 Liter (€45.20 * / 1 Liter)
2034*01 Ovale Segeltuchösen Oval eyelets
from €0.75
Content 0.75 Liter (€50.53 * / 1 Liter)
2737*01 Staubbindetücher Adhesive cloth
from €2.95
1593_01 Clevis pin
from €1.90
1591_01 Cotter ring
Content 10 piece (€0.39 * / 1 piece)
from €3.90
2207*01 TESA Fugenboden-Abdeckband TESA seam covering tape
Content 50 m (€0.10 * / 1 m)
from €4.85