Alternator regulator ProReg waterproof STERLING

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Advanced alternator regulator, waterproof (IP67).
Newly developed waterproof version of STERLING advanced regulator.
In contrast to standard regulators, the STERLING advanced regulator charges using the proven IUoUo characteristics: with full charging power until the full charge is achieved, then automatically switching to trickle charging.
The onboard batteries are gently but fully charged.
Votage drops through long cables or split charge diodes are eliminated, because the advanced regulator measures the voltage directly at the batteries.

Available versions of waterproof advanced regulator:
- ProReg BW (also known as AR12W) for alternators max. 350 A (with standard regulator still fitted, 150 A stand alone)
- ProReg DW (also known as PDARW) for alternators max. 400 A ((with standard regulator still fitted, 200 A stand alone)

The installation requires technical knowledge.
The original regulator generally remains preserved and fully operational.
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    Article-No. Model Generator (V) Charge (A) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4391-017 AR12W 12 max. 350 ProRegBW Hochleistungsregler 12V STERLING AR12W
    Art.Nr.: 4391-017
    model: AR12W
    generator (V): 12
    charge (A): max. 350
    net: €131.09

    In stock.

    net: €131.09

    In stock.

    4391-018 PDARW 12 / 24 max. 400 ProRegDW Hochleistungsregler 12/24V wasserdicht PDARW
    Art.Nr.: 4391-018
    model: PDARW
    generator (V): 12 / 24
    charge (A): max. 400
    net: €186.55

    In stock.

    net: €186.55

    In stock.

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