Solar charge controller SR110TL MORNINGSTAR

4683*01 Laderegler SR110TL MORNINGSTAR für Solarmodule
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Solar charge regulator to prevent overcharging and discharging and to ensure safe and protective charge of the batteries.
. Fully automatic control of the solar energy system. LED control lights. SUNSAVER SR 110 TL is a top of the range product from the American manufacturer MORNINGSTAR.
The regulator has an aluminium housing and built-in temperature sensors.
Intended for use with both liquid and gel batteries.
Fully automatic deep discharge protection for the batteries.
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    Article-No. Model Voltage (V) Version L (mm) W (B) (mm) H (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4683-110 SR 110TL 12 max. WP 110 152 56 33 Regler SR110TL*12V MORNINGSTAR für Solarmodule
    Art.Nr.: 4683-110
    W (B) (mm): 56
    L (mm): 152
    version: max. WP 110
    model: SR 110TL
    H (mm): 33
    voltage (V): 12
    net: €74.79

    In stock.

    net: €74.79

    In stock.

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