Engraving owner plate

3299*02 Gravur des Eignerschildes
€75.90 *

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Engraving is only possible with the order of one of our owner plates.
Please give your information and requested font under "Comments applying to this order:" when ordering.
Most common fonts (like Times or Helvetica) are available.
The following fields are available on the owner plates:
boat name,
owner name,
street and
telephone number.
Engraving requires approximately three weeks.
The brass plate as shown is not included and must be ordered separately (Article-No. 3299-000 or 3299-080).
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    Article-No. Description Article Price (Multiplied) Delivery Quantity
    3299-999 Engraving owner plate Gravur eines Eignerschildes Messing**geschwärzt
    Art.Nr.: 3299-999
    description: Engraving owner plate
    net: €63.78

    On request.

    net: €63.78

    On request.

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