CASSENS & PLATH BOBBY SCHENK Sextant full horizon

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BOBBY SCHENK model with many ideas developed by an experienced bluewater sailor incorporated.
- Full horizon mirror for good view on the solar bodies and easy handling, - indirect anti-glare lighting
- 7 shaded glasses,
- telescope 4 x 40.

The white colour keeps it from heating up in the sun.
Weight 1.85 kg.

Comes with sextant engraving and a mahogany case.

An optional accessory is a small chronograph (quarz watch) to identify the meter reading time.
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    3716-001 Sextant BOBBY SCHENK 1,85 CASSENS & PLATH BOBBY SCHENK Vollsicht-Sextant 4x40 weiß
    Art.Nr.: 3716-001
    weight (kg): 1,85
    description: Sextant BOBBY SCHENK
    net: €1,533.61

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    net: €1,533.61

    In stock.