TROBOLO DIY set for compost separating toilet

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With a little manual dexterity, the TROBOLO DIY set can be used to install a compost separation toilet in a (wooden) body.

The "inner workings" made of plastic components disappear from view and only the wooden toilet lid remains visible in the wooden interior of the yacht, van or tiny house.

The compost separation toilet is an easy-to-use, convenient alternative to chemical toilets or the use of a faeces tank in areas where the discharge of waste water is prohibited.

The advantages of a separating toilet at a glance:

  • Connection-free use without electricity, water, chemicals or faeces tanks
  • Easy, convenient use like a conventional toilet
  • Reliable separation of urine and solids
  • Odourless operation thanks to the use of litter or an exhaust air system for the solids container
  • Easy and hygienic emptying and cleaning of the solids and liquid containers
  • Easy disposal of toilet waste
  • Composting of toilet waste is also possible

No water or electrical connections, onboard outlets or separate faeces tanks are required.

The DIY set consists of:

  • 1x toilet seat with lid (both made of wood)
  • 1x separating toilet insert (grey)
  • 1x cutting template for the installation of the separating toilet insert
  • 1x filter strainer and hose connection with integrated filter strainer for DN32
  • 1x liquid container, volume 4.6 litres (maximum 10 to 20 uses through urination)
  • 1x solids container, volume 6.5 litres (maximum 8 to 12 uses through defecation). Recommended emptying interval of the solids container: 5 to 10 days
  • 1x Assembly instructions for the urine-diverting toilet insert
  • 1x Instructions for use and care instructions for the urine-diverting toilet insert

Further down on this page under "Accessories & spare parts" you will find a spill stop for the liquid container, an exhaust air duct set and the consumables litter and inlays.  

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