SPRENGER swivel fiddle block single sheave

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Solid double sheave low-friction fiddle blocks with bushings in the sheaves, intended for high loads and continuous stress (for example, halyard blocks).
All fiddle blocks come with top swivel.

Simple black housing made from high quality UV- and water resistant plastic.
All metal fittings and pins are made from stainless steel.

The swivel shackle allows for versatile hanging options.
The swivel is riveted to blocks for 14 mm rope. In smaller blocks for 12 mm rope, the swivel can be swapped out for a fixed shackle.

Available with or without bottom becket.

Also available:
stainless-steel shackle for fixing the block.
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    Article-No. L (mm) D1 (mm) BRL (daN) D (mm) Sheaves Version Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    1188-570 145 12 1000 50 2 fiddel block HS-Wirbel-Violinenblock 12mm Tau/2-scheibg schwarz
    Art.Nr.: 1188-570
    D1 (mm): 12
    BRL (daN): 1000
    D (mm): 50
    sheaves: 2
    L (mm): 145
    version: fiddel block
    net: €39.50

    In stock.

    only left: 2
    net: €39.50

    In stock.

    only left: 2