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Merriman style "D" hank bronze
Merriman style "D" hank bronze
High-tensile piston hanks, made entirely from cast bronze. Based on the famous design of the American company Merriman. Rolled bronze finish. The overlapping ends close reliably around the stay as in a devil's claw. These hanks work...

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1249*01 Zuschlag-/ Einhandstagreiter aus Bronze WICHARD Bronze snap hank WICHARD
Single hand WICHARD jib hank. Cast bronze with rolled finish. This material is easier on steel or stainless forestays. For durable attachment of the luff of the sail. Secure locking through spring-loaded clamp.
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Art.-Nr.: 1249...
1598*01 Klappstagreiter aus Messing Brass snap hank
Very robust snap hank made from solid brass for especially strong forestays. Strong front flap with spring-locked bolt.
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1965_01 Jib hank
Classic jib hank to be sewed or whipped onto the luff of the sail. Handforged from steel and hot-dip galvanized. Due to the kind of production, the measurements may vary slightly.
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Art.-Nr.: 1965...
1965*02 Lögelschäkel Jib hank shackle
Bulbous stainless steel shackles, which also work very well as hanks because of a wide design that slides very well on the stay. Opening: 25 mm.
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Art.-Nr.: 1965...
1966*01 Stagreiter zum Annähen Sew-on piston hanks
Standard brass hanks, polished finish. To be sewed onto the luff grommets. Pistons have articulated grips and are secured with stainless steel springs.
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Art.-Nr.: 1966...
1969_01 Crimp-on piston hank
Thin standard brass hanks, rolled finish. For long-lasting attachment to the luff grommets. Pistons with rounded grips, secured with stainless steel springs.
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Art.-Nr.: 1969...