AIS/DSC man overboard beacon ACR AISLink MOB

3955*01 AIS/DSC Notsender ACR AISLink MOB
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A small AIS/DSC emergency transmitter, which can be carried on the safety vest, on the belt or in the pouch.

This PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) is equipped with a threefold alarm function:
after manual or automatic activation an AIS emergency call is transmitted.
Simultaneously an alarm can be activated via VHF from the own ship, if the DSC MMSI has been programmed in the PLB beforehand (selfprogammed per PC). In addition the emergency beacon is fitted with a bright LED flash.

- twofold alarm via AIS and DSC,
- integrated GPS for exceptional global positioning,
- 1 W transmitting power,
- simple integration into the safety vest,
- manual or automatic activation,
- is capable to alarm ships equipped with AIS in a circumference of 8 km or 4,3 nm,
- more than 24 hours operating time, - 7 years battery run-time (no hazardous good),
- 5 year warranty,
- ultra bright LED stroboscope light,
- robust and water-proof up to 10 metres.

Measurements L x W x T : 115 x 46 x 27 mm, weight 92 g.

Emergency dispatches in AIS via SART and PLB
Emergency transmitters using the AIS (Automatic IdentificationSystem) transmit in case of distress at sea after activations continuously 2 messages via VHF, which notify of the emergency situation and the position determined by the integrated GPS. These messages are received and the location of the accident clearly displayed on plotters by ships, planes and land based stations nearby (up to 10 nm distance) equipped with AIS. This helps enormously for locating the position disabled vessels. Especially AIS-PLBs carried by the person also enable the crew of the ship to localise and save members in case of a man over board situation.
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