Charging cables 12V for ICOM handheld VHFs

3937*11 Ladekabel 12V für ICOM Funkgeräte
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Cigarette lighter charging cable for the charging cradle of an ICOM handheld radio.

The adapter cable can be used to charge the batteries of the radios in the charging cradle from the 12V on-board power supply.

ICOM CP-23L for the charging cradle of the ICOM radio IC-M85E.

ICOM CP-25H for the charging cradle BC-251 (included in the scope of delivery of the ICOM radios IC-M94DE, IC-M93DE) or the charging cradle BC-210 (included in the scope of delivery of the ICOM radios IC-M73EURO, IC-M93D, IC-M94DE).

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    Article-No. Model For Length (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3937-123 ICOM CP-23L mobile VHF M35 150 12V-Ladekabel ICOM CP-23L für UKW-Handfunkgeräte
    Art.Nr.: 3937-123
    length (mm): 150
    model: ICOM CP-23L
    for: mobile VHF M35
    net: €28.49

    In stock.

    net: €28.49

    In stock.

    3937-126 ICOM CP-25H mobile VHF M73, M93 200 12V-Ladekabel ICOM CP-25H für Handfunkgeräte M73, M93
    Art.Nr.: 3937-126
    length (mm): 200
    model: ICOM CP-25H
    for: mobile VHF M73, M93
    net: €16.72

    In stock.

    net: €16.72

    In stock.

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