LED Bulbs for searchlights DHR

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The DHR150-series searchlight is a Classic. Introduced in the 60's it has been a popular fixture in the recreational boating ever since. Thanks to the evolvement of LED technology, DHR decided to develop a drop-in PAR46 LED replacement for the 150-series.

No special modifications are needed for installation. The existing wiring can be connected to the LED-insert - without the need for extra tooling.

Compared to the 100-250 Watt incandescent equivalent, it boosts a luminous intensity of 200.000 Candela (measured) using only 10 W of energy. A performance guaranteed over a voltage range of 10 - 32 VDC. Additionally, DHR selected a unique optical design to realize a clear focused spot, while keeping stray light to a minimum. An extreme narrow bundle makes the 150 LED-replacement the best performing compact marine searchlights of its class.

Direct replacement the following GE Sealed beam lamps:
PAR46 Sealed beam GE4537-2
PAR46 Sealed beam GE4553
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    Article-No. For Voltage (V) Consumption (W) Range (m) Intensity (cd) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3257-110 Typ 180 10-32 20 550 300000 DHR-LED-Scheinwerfereinsatz 180mm 12-32V*20W*350.000cd
    Art.Nr.: 3257-110
    range (m): 550
    intensity (cd): 300000
    voltage (V): 10-32
    for: Typ 180
    consumption (W): 20
    net: €542.02

    In stock.

    net: €542.02

    In stock.

    3259-110 Typ 150 10-32 10 450 200000 DHR-LED-Scheinwerfereinsatz 150mm 12-32V*10W*200000cd
    Art.Nr.: 3259-110
    intensity (cd): 200000
    voltage (V): 10-32
    for: Typ 150
    consumption (W): 10
    range (m): 450
    net: €268.91

    On request.

    net: €268.91

    On request.

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