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4264_02 Spare burner pot REFLEKS
It is possible, that a replacement becomes necessary after years of usage, since the burner chambers in all REFLEKS oil heater are made from steel plate. The chambers are shipped complete with welded infeed tube, with a stainless steel...
from €192.03
Art.-Nr.: 4264...
4273_01 Exhaust hood REFLEKS
Standard exhaust hoods REFLEKS.
from €110.15
Art.-Nr.: 4273...
4273_03 Exhaust hood Yacht REFLEKS
Thin flue cap, type YACHT . The design of this cap ensures a very secure fit and a good draft. Rain-proof and very compact. The rounded edges keep lines from hooking on it.
from €142.32
Art.-Nr.: 4273...
4274_01 H-exhaust hood REFLEKS
The flue cap of the Danish fishermen. The cap offers the most safe adjustment and is exceptionally secure against down drafts. Fits the double-walled flue pipes.
from €188.13
Art.-Nr.: 4274...
4275_01 Insulating plate REFLEKS
Thermal insulation of the deck from below. Large, round plate of polished stainless steel with insulating material.
from €42.79
Art.-Nr.: 4275...
4275_02 Dress ring REFLEKS
Decorative screen to cover deck through hulls from below. Small, round plate of polished stainless steel.
from €23.30
Art.-Nr.: 4275...
4276_01 Cap for through-hull REFLEX
Closing cap, stainless steel. Suitable for all REFLEKS flue pipes.
from €41.43
Art.-Nr.: 4276...
4278_01 Through hull REFLEKS
Deck through hull of stainless steel. With square deck plate.
from €99.43
Art.-Nr.: 4278...
4279_01 Deck through hull REFLEKS
Deck through hull with round deck plate, stainless steel. Suitable for our REFLEKS flue pipes.
from €110.15
Art.-Nr.: 4279...
4279_02 Through hull inclined REFLEKS
Through-deck fitting with round, inclined deck plate. Made of stainless steel. Avaialable in various angles for adapting to the deck inclination. Fits the REFLEKS flue pipes.
from €127.70
Art.-Nr.: 4279...
4279_03 Deck through hull REFLEKS components
Components for mounting a through-deck fitting that matches your deck inclination perfectly. Pipe, a round deck plate and flange to weld locally. Made of stainless steel. Fits the REFLEKS flue pipes.
from €83.83
Art.-Nr.: 4279...
4280_01 Insulated flue pipe REFLEKS
Thickness 0.6 mm, insulated with 10 mm of rock wool. Above all, at the lowest temperatures, double flue pipes are necessary outside, so that the draft through very cold pipes can be restricted.
from €131.60
Art.-Nr.: 4280...
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4255_02 Wall shade inox
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