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The mini baking oven OMNIA for the small galley!
This Swedish baking stove is ideal for baking gratins, cakes and bread, it can be used on any type of stove burner gas, electric or even various other fuels used with camping and backpacking stoves.

There are three pieces to the Omnia oven: a steel base, an aluminum ring-shaped baking pan and the lid. The burner directly heats the steel base, which in turn heats the air trapped between the base and the baking pan. The burner also heats air that goes up the center of the baking pan and the lid serves to distribute that hot air over the top of the food. Thus, theres hot air both under and above the baking pan and in the center. A few air holes in the lid allow steam to escape.

Contents: 2 litres, height 110 mm, diameter = 250 mm.
With recipe book and storage bag.
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    Article-No. D (mm) H (mm) Contents (l) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4325-001 250 110 2 MINI-OFEN**Der Backofen für Gas- u.Petroleumkocher
    Art.Nr.: 4325-001
    H (mm): 110
    contents (l): 2
    D (mm): 250
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    netto: €41.93

    In stock.

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