Bagged safety ladder

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Safety ladder in a bag made from Nylon with two belt straps to tie it to the railing.
The person gone over board can open the bag with one pull for the ladder to come down.
Length of the ladder 1,45 m, width of the steps 300 mm, distance between steps 210 mm.
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    Article-No. Version Weight (kg) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    1063-001 5 steps 1,24 MOB-Rettungsleiter HELP/Tasche/5 Stufen/L=1,45m
    Art.Nr.: 1063-001
    version: 5 steps
    weight (kg): 1,24
    netto: €41.93

    In stock.

    netto: €41.93

    In stock.

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