CURREY original Seaman's knife

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Slim rigging knife from british production.
Blade from hardened carbon steel (2,3mm thick), which may corrode, but stays sharp for a long period.

Toothed back of the blade helps remove the scales from fish.

Universal rigging and boatwork knife with pointed blade for all tasks.

Brass-riveted rosewood handle, with small hole for a safety loop.

Comes in a flat riveted leather sheath.
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    Article-No. Description Version L1 (mm) L2 (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    2110-011 CURREY Seemanns-Messer carbon steel 125 125 CURREY Seemanns-Messer in Lederscheide
    Art.Nr.: 2110-011
    L1 (mm): 125
    L2 (mm): 125
    version: carbon steel
    description: CURREY Seemanns-Messer
    netto: €28.57

    In stock.

    netto: €28.57

    In stock.

    2126_02 Leather sheath
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    Content 1 piece
    3990_02 Bell engraving
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    2692_01 Tar for standing rigging
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