CURREY Yachtman's Kit Plus

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YACHTSMAN'S KIT: The original CURREY rigging knife and the forged marlinspike/shackle-opener complement this set of quality tools.
All come together in a durable leather belt sheath, which is very useful on the foredeck or in the rig.

Available version:
YACHTMAN'S KIT Plus: Rigging knife with flattened point, marlin spike/shackle opener, pliers, additional strong screwdriver.
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    Article-No. Description L2 (mm) L1 (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    2110-004 Yachtman's Kit Plus 95 105 CURREY-4 Yachtsman's: Messer/Marlsp/Zange/Schraub.
    Art.Nr.: 2110-004
    L1 (mm): 105
    L2 (mm): 95
    description: Yachtman's Kit Plus
    net: €55.21

    In stock.

    net: €55.21

    In stock.