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STERLING produces high performance electronics for the battery and onboard wiring systems. Battery chargers, alternator splitting systems, sine wave inverters and much, much more...

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4390*08 STERLING GlobalSmart Batterielader GS Battery charger STERLING GlobalSmart
Small, portable batterie-charger for worldwide using, with 100-230 volt 50-60 hz ac input. Charging characteristic: IUoUo. The housing is waterproof (IP45) and shock-resistant, with easy to use mode switch. Comes with one connection...
from €109.00
Art.-Nr.: 4390...
4390*10 STERLING Ladeadapter BCM STERLING charging adapter BCM
The STERLING battery charging module expands the possibilities of your charger: varying types of batteries or battery banks of different voltages can be charged optimally from only one charger. The BCM is installed between one output of...
Art.-Nr.: 4390...
4391_02 Charge controller STERLING ProDigital
STERLING Advanced Digital Alternator Regulator PDAR (also known as ProRegD): A fully electronic regulator that avoids the drawbacks of conventional regulators: In contrast to standard chargers, the STERLING regulator charges using the...
from €212.00
Art.-Nr.: 4391...
4391_03 Alternator to battery charger STERLING ProAlt C
STERLING ProAlt C: Highly efficient alternator-to-battery-charger (A2B). A simple generator with standard regulator is a very ineffective battery charger. The A2B charger optimizes the charging performance of the generator. Quick and...
from €399.00
Art.-Nr.: 4391...
4391_05 Alternator regulator ProReg waterproof STERLING
Advanced alternator regulator, waterproof (IP67). Newly developed waterproof version of STERLING advanced regulator. In contrast to standard regulators, the STERLING advanced regulator charges using the proven IUoUo characteristics: with...
from €156.00
Art.-Nr.: 4391...
4391*06 STERLING BBW IP68 Batterie-Batterie(B2B) Ladegerät STERLING ProBatt IP68 waterproof B2B charger
Waterproof IP68 battery-to-battery charger . Fulla adjustable to different battery type and other functions. Encapsulated electronics, fully waterproof thermostatically controlled fan for smaller footprint. The B2B (Battery to Battery)...
from €469.00
Art.-Nr.: 4391...
4391*07 STERLING Batterie-Batterie-Wandgerät ProBatt Ultra STERLING battery to battery charger ProBatt Ultra
This by STERLING developed wall mounted charger ProBatt Ultra is used if an extra auxillary battery (for example, for the bow thruster) needs to be charged onboard. The connection is made directly between the primary and auxillary...
from €296.00
Art.-Nr.: 4391...
4391_09 Remote control BBRCN for BBW charger STERLING
Remote control STERLING BBRCN for waterproof Battery to Battery Chargers type BBW. LED-Display and switches. Remote offers additional features which cannot be tuned on the charger itself: - Displays voltage, warnings and temperatures, -...
Art.-Nr.: 4391...
4391*10 Fernbedienung BBURC für ProBatt Ultra Ladegeräte Remote control BBURC for ProBatt Ultra chargers
Remote control and display STERLING BBURC for battery-to-battery (B2B) chargers type ProBatt Ultra (wall mount). LED display and switches. The remote control allows these display and controls: - charge voltage (V) - voltage in (V) and...
Art.-Nr.: 4391...
4391*11 STERLING BBW IP68 Batterie-Batterie(B2B) Ladegerät STERLING ProBatt IP68 waterproof B2B charger
Waterproof IP68 battery-to-battery charger . The encapsulated electronics is fully waterproof, only the integrated fan (can be easily exchanged) must be protected from splash water. The B2B (Battery to Battery) charger is used if an...
Art.-Nr.: 4391...
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0000_01 TOPLICHT-Ausrüstungskatalog
Content 1 piece
1024_01 Shock cord
from €0.80
2257*02 Unterlegscheiben aus Bronze Bronze washers
from €0.23
2240_01 LOXX fasteners
from €1.55
4025_01 Elbow catch
from €3.95
2609_01 Foam brush
from €1.30
1564_02 Carbine hook
from €2.80
1024*05 Krampenzange und Krampen Crimping pliers
from €47.90
4596_01 Brass Ring
from €1.19
1944_02 Brass fairlead
from €4.20
2053_01 EPIFANES glossy paint
Content 0.75 Liter (€39.20 * / 1 Liter)
4812_01 Fastener
2711_01 SIKAFLEX 291 adhesive sealant
Content 0.07 Liter (€121.43 * / 1 Liter)
from €8.50
4148_01 BLUE paraffin
from €8.95
4894_01 Towel hook
from €2.45
1361*01 DURADON leicht DURADON light canvas
Content 0.61 sqm (€28.69 * / 1 sqm)
from €17.50
2034*01 Ovale Segeltuchösen Oval eyelets
from €0.50
4401_02 Piano hinge stainless steel
Content 0.5 m (€13.40 * / 1 m)
from €6.70
2688_01 Swedish tar / wood tar
Content 0.5 Liter (€21.00 * / 1 Liter)
from €10.50
2737*01 Staubbindetücher Adhesive cloth
from €2.15
4022_03 Wardrobe latch
from €11.80
4892_01 Towel hook
from €2.30
2501_01 OWATROL MARINE D1 penetrating oil
Content 1 Liter
from €24.90
4400_01 Butt hinge brass
from €10.80
1624_01 Cleats
from €8.40
2676*01 ETTAN Nahtwachs für Planken ETTAN plank wax sealant
Content 0.25 Liter (€67.20 * / 1 Liter)
from €16.80
1593_01 Clevis pin
from €1.70
3202_01 Boathook holder
from €5.00
2294_01 Copper boatnails / rivets
Content 1 kg
2701*02 BOSTIK SIMSON CA (Construction Adhesive) BOSTIC SIMSON CA (Construction Adhesive)
Content 0.29 Liter (€55.52 * / 1 Liter)
from €16.10
4221_01 Cable outlet
from €6.95
Content 0.75 Liter (€48.67 * / 1 Liter)
from €36.50