Mooringhaken BOATASY GHOOK

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The BOATASY GHOOK mooring hook makes picking up the often fouled and overgrown mooring lines easier and ensures fast and safe manoeuvring when guiding the vessel on mooring or box lines. The G-shaped plastic hook consists of a handle with an inserted 7cm wide plastic pulley and a stainless steel safety latch. Due to a hole in the handle, an additional line can be attached to increase the reach of the GHOOK, which is particularly advantageous for larger boats with high freeboard.

The BOATASY GHOOK with pulley offers many advantages for port manoeuvres:
Instead of using your hands, with the GHOOK mooring lines can be picked up easily and safely with and guided outside the boat with little friction. This reduces the risk of injury from mussels and barnacles sticking to the mooring line and prevents dirty hands and contamination on the hull and deck.

Especially in strong crosswinds, quick mooring manoeuvres are important. During marina manoeuvres, the boat can be secured against drifting sideways by using the GHOOK. Possible damage to other boats is thus prevented. 

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    1258-001 BOATSY GHOOK 2400 Mooringhaken BOATASY GHOOK aus Kunststoff mit Laufrolle
    Art.Nr.: 1258-001
    description: BOATSY GHOOK
    BRL (kg): 2400
    net: €52.44

    In stock.

    net: €52.44

    In stock.

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