ECHOMAX EM230BR SOLAS radar reflector

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MED/SOLAS approval.

The EM230BR radar reflector from the British manufacturer ECHOMAX impresses with its outstanding reflection values. The largest model in the passive ECHOMAX radar reflector range is ideal for yachts over nine metres in length and for ships for which there is a equipment requirement.

The housing is made of strong, white PE plastic. The metal-framed mounting eyes (D = 8 mm) can be used for screwing on or for preheating, e.g. with a flag line. Weight: 2,3 kg.

The internal triple reflector made of aluminium, arranged three above one another, ensures optimum all-round reflection with a radar cross-sectional area (RCS) of 24 m².

This reflector is even used by the British Navy for its lifeboats. It also fulfils the Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) of World Sailing for ocean racing.

The EM230BR radar reflector is suitable for preheating or fixed mounting.

The stainless steel mast bracket and the stainless steel deck bracket, e.g. for mounting the reflector on the roof of the wheelhouse, are available as optional accessories. You will find both further down on this page under "Accessories".

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    Article-No. Model Colour H (mm) D (mm) Weight (kg) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3050-002 EM230BR white 595 245 2,3 ECHOMAX EM230BR SOLAS-Radarreflektor weiß LxD=595x245mm
    Art.Nr.: 3050-002
    colour: white
    D (mm): 245
    model: EM230BR
    H (mm): 595
    weight (kg): 2,3
    net: €231.09

    On request.

    net: €231.09

    On request.

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