IKAROS line-throwing device

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The IKAROS line-throwing device serves to set up a line connection in cases of distress or accidents at sea as well as overhead lines and the building of bridges.
A single shot device with simple and safe handling.
Housed in a compact and water-proof plastic case are 300m high-tensile line and the rocket.
The pistol grip enables a safe single handed operation of the device.
At calm waters distances of up to 300m can be reaches.
The line is made of 4mm Polypropylene, tear resistance 2 kN.
Certification: MED / steering wheel / SOLAS / BAM PT2.

Shipping only possible as hazardous materials at higher shipping costs.
Pyrotechnic equipment may not be shipped outside Germany! Higher shipping costs and a minimum order value of Euro 150,- inside Germany also apply.

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    Article-No. Description Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3000-012 KAROS throwing device 230 x 340 4,00 IKAROS-Leinenwurfgerät 300m/4mm gemäß SOLAS
    Art.Nr.: 3000-012
    weight (kg): 4,00
    description: KAROS throwing device
    dimensions (mm): 230 x 340
    net: €360.50

    On request.

    net: €360.50

    On request.

    3000-013 spare rocket -- 0,70 Rakete für IKAROS-Leinenwurfgerät
    Art.Nr.: 3000-013
    weight (kg): 0,70
    description: spare rocket
    dimensions (mm): --
    net: €175.63

    On request.

    net: €175.63

    On request.

    1022*02 Polyester-Tauwerk HIGH-LOAD 220 m Trosse HIGH-LOAD rope (PES) in 220m coils
    Content 220 m (€0.60 * / 1 m)
    from €132.00
    1052*02 PP-Festmacher SPLIT 110 m-Trosse Black/white hawser (PP), 110m coil
    Content 110 m (€0.70 * / 1 m)
    from €77.00
    1327*03 PU-Tauwerkimprägnierung grau PU rope impregnation grey
    Content 0.5 Liter (€51.80 * / 1 Liter)
    6142_01 Rope basket
    from €249.00
    1020*02 Tauwerk PERLON als 220m Trosse PERLON rope (PA) as 220m coils
    Content 220 m (€2.40 * / 1 m)
    from €528.00