Oil sorbent cloth ÖCUSORB

2521*02 Ölbinde-Kissen ÖCUSORB
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OECUSORB polypropylene oil-absorbant pads.
The filling of these pads can absorb up to 25 times its weight in oil and other organic liquids.
Simple to handle, hydrophobic, floating, reusable and easy to dispose of.
This material is ideal for soaking up oil from the bilge, but also for many other tasks: protection of areas where oil or fuel could spill (for example, deck fills when fueling), water-polution control, cleaning machines, etc.
The braided absorbent material is a plastic net bound on both sides with attachment loops; multiple pads can be connected to create an oil barrier.
Dimensions: Length, approx. 60 cm; diameter, approx. 20 cm; weight, approx. 400 g.
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    Article-No. Description D (mm) L (mm) Weight (g) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    2521-101 oil sorbent cloth 200 600 400 Ölbindekissen DxL=200x600mm ÖCUSORB K101
    Art.Nr.: 2521-101
    weight (g): 400
    D (mm): 200
    L (mm): 600
    description: oil sorbent cloth
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