WOODEN BOATBUILDING by Jean-Francois Garry

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In this book, published by Adlard Coles Nautical, the English textbook publisher specialised in classic boat literature, Jean-François Garry writes in-depth but also easily understandable by the amateur about the building of small wooden boats.
Wooden boats didn't disappear with the invention of GRP. Building them is a classic craft that attracts people with a keen interest in traditional boats and is a thriving activity amongst professional craftsmen and DIY boatbuilders alike. This thoroughly modern book, aimed at the novice builder and accessible to the amateur, takes a fresh new approach to a timeless activity.
The focus is on classic boat construction and restoration, but at all stages modern methods, materials and techniques are employed, together with step-by-step diagrams and explanations. Well illustrated with colour photos and detailed close-up watercolour illustrations, this book will be invaluable for students of boat design and construction, do-it-yourself boatbuilders and even modelmakers.

Published by Adlard Coles Nautical, London.

In English language. 126 pages with many colour photographs, design drawings and watercolour illustrations, format 24,5 x 17 cm, paperback.
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