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Nothing compares to a traditionally clinker-built small boat - whether it is rowed, sailed independently or used as a dinghy for a larger vessel.

If the building is "done right", the result is a boat that is a true ornament on the water, that charms all who use or see it, and that retains its value.

In Details of Dinghy Building boatbuilder Will Stirling meticulously describes and illustrates in colour the many arcane but vital tasks that can daunt the budding boatbuilder.

Will has been building clinker dinghies professionally for many years and has made all the mistakes that lurk for the unwary and learned how to avoid them. Benefit from his experience and some "tricks of the trade" and be inspired by the many stunning photographs of finished boats that grace the book.

If you are building a boat yourself, this text and photo reference book will save you time, frustration and embarrassment. If you don't build your own (yet), you will still be enthralled by this fascinating look at a time-honoured traditional craft.

192 pages. Hundreds of colour photos.  Format 21.6 x 21.6 cm, softcover with thread stitching, cover flaps and matt lamination. In English.

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