NASA TARGET 2 Log / Speedometer

3989*03 NASA TARGET 2 Logge / Speedometer
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Speed and Distance Log with large, easy to read 38 mm high digits. The TARGET 2 Log is supplied with a through hull paddle wheel unit.

Technical Specifications

  • Speed range 0-30 knots in 0.1 knot increments
  • Trip distance (re-settable) to 999nm
  • Total distance (non-volatile memory) to 999nm
  • Large display back-lit for night use
  • Proven paddle wheel sensor (feedtrough diam. 42mm, height 125mm)
  • Consumption, 10mA, + 10mA display illumination
  • Compact size only 132 x 98 x 30mm
  • Simple operation, 3 keys, 3 functions
  • Easily calibrated

The proven instruments of the NASA TARGET-2 series are characterized by easy-to-use devices with large, easy-to-read display with backlight, the displays are waterproof. The navigation instruments are easy to install. They have low power consumption (10mA + 10 mA for illumination) and are designed for 12 volt voltage.

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    Article-No. Description Length (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3989-004 Logge NASA TARGET 2 132 98 30 NASA TARGET-2 Logge 12V Anzeigegerät 132x98x30mm mit Geber
    Art.Nr.: 3989-004
    length (mm): 132
    width (mm): 98
    depth (mm): 30
    description: Logge NASA TARGET 2
    net: €117.56

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    net: €117.56

    In stock.