NASA TARGET V2 Wind Speed and Direction

3989*04 NASA TARGET V2 Wind Richtung und Geschwindigkeit
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Wind instrument TARGET V2 with large, easy to read 38 mm high digits. The wind indicator displays the wind direction and wind speed. A zero-point adjustment can be used to set the master line of the mast-top unit.

Technical Specifications:

  • Full 360 degree display of apparent wind
  • No dead quadrant
  • Digital wind speed in knots
  • keypad adjustment of mast-head alignment
  • Large NMEA input display, back-lit for night use
  • Supply voltage nominal 12v DC
  • Compact cockpit display unit 132 x 98 x 30mm
  • Compleat with V2 wind transmitter and 20 m cable.

The proven instruments of the NASA TARGET-2 series are characterized by easy-to-use devices with large, easy-to-read display with backlight, the displays are waterproof. The navigation instruments are easy to install. They have low power consumption (12mA + 10 mA for illumination) and are designed for 12 volt voltage.

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    3989-005 Wind NASA TARGET V2 132 98 30 NASA TARGET-2 WindV2 12V Anzeige 132x98x30mm mit Masteinheit
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    depth (mm): 30
    description: Wind NASA TARGET V2
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