FREIBERG drum sextant PROFESSIONAL half horizon mirror

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Precision instrument developed for the professional marine industry and made from saltwater-proof aluminium.
Half-horizon mirror.
The rugged, strutted body is cast stress less, high-gloss anodised, and enamelled.

JENA optics 4x40, encapsulated, high-precision metering drum, 7 pivoting shaded glasses made from plane parallel neutral glass.
Comes with a manufacturers certificate in a solid wooden case.
The PROFESSIONAL has a certified correction value better than 40".

Weight 1.4 kg (with case, 4.5 kg).
Colour: grey.

Sextant with half-horizon mirror.
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    Article-No. Description Version Weight (kg) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3713-057 FREIBERG PROFESSIONAL correction value below 40 1,40 FREIBERG Halbsicht-Trommelsextant grau
    Art.Nr.: 3713-057
    weight (kg): 1,40
    version: correction value below 40
    net: €1,049.58

    In stock.

    net: €1,049.58

    In stock.

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