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4590_02 Ceiling light type 220 HNA
Proven ceiling light from the professional maritime industry, with solid copper reflector (interior painted white). The watertight housing is made of robust cast brass, the protective grid is made of brass tubing. Clear glass dome with...
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4592_01 AMSTEL hanging lamp DHR
Domed pendant lamp, made entirely of copper sheet. The finish is matte brushed and lacquered. E27 socket for max. 230V (bulb sold separately).
Art.-Nr.: 4592...
4580045-X Dimmable LED strip light
Very low-rise LED light strip, body from aluminium with a matt cover. Dimmable by touch button switch with memory function. Warm white light. The supply cable (30cm in length) is connected to a lateral socket. 144 SMD LEDs, 3000K, 450lm,...
Art.-Nr.: 4680...
4760_01 Halogen Interior lamp G4 BATSYSTEM NOVA
The ceiling lamp BATSYSTEM NOVA with rocker switch comes in three various decors and can be build-in or -on the ceiling/wall. Comes complete with G4-halogen bulb (12V*10W). The standard lamp is made for flush mounting. The image shows...
from €9.65
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4760_13 Interior LED lamp BATSYSTEM NOVA
The ceiling lamp BATSYSTEM NOVA with or without rocker switch comes in three various decors and can be build-in or -on the ceiling/wall. Comes complete with multi-voltage capable LED bulb (8-30V, 1.7W, luminous color 3200K). The image...
from €10.24
Art.-Nr.: 4760...
4580045-X LED workshop light
Linear LED light made from white plastic with satin-finished diffuser and rocker switch in the body. For 12V on-board voltage, the luminous colour is cool white (5600 K).
from €29.15
Art.-Nr.: 4764...
4765_01 LED roof light COLOMBO white/red
An unadorned interior light by AQUA SIGNAL with stainless steel body and serrated plastic light shade. Suitable as wall or ceiling light for the cabin or the chart table, switchable to a red light gentle to the eyes. 21 Warm white (2...
Art.-Nr.: 4765...
4034_05 PREBIT LED-ceiling light EB12-3
Elegant and simple built-in deck light, available in various finishes. Can be switched between white and red for use as navigation light. These lights can be dimmed continuously using a soft pushbutton switch. Equipped with 3 comfortable...
Art.-Nr.: 4034...
4571_04 LED interior light FRENSCH F-30 STREAM
Robust, very bright LED interior light. Case made from white anodised aluminium, diffusion disc made from polycarbonate. 36 MidiPower LEDs, warm white 2850K, light output 600 lm at 8 W electric power consumption. Also available with...
from €54.59
Art.-Nr.: 4571...
4005_01 CAPTAIN'S CABIN-Wandleuchte SÖRENSEN
CAPTAIN'S CABIN lamp SÖRENSEN This cabin light made of hand-polished brass with hand etched glass ball with ship motif is an ornament for every cabin. The glass ball is held fast to the burner by a brass ring and stainless steel springs....
from €80.91
Art.-Nr.: 4005...
4510_01 Fischerman's lamp DHR
Large, beautiful ceiling lamp of polished brass. Reflector painted white on the inside, white matte-glass dome, with protective grate. E27 socket for max. 230V. Light bulb, chain and ceiling rose are sold separately. A replacement for...
from €38.89
Art.-Nr.: 4510...
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4580_02 LED strip lamp
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4048_01 CLIPPER lamp DHR
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4520_16 Boat light HNA
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4004_01 OFFICER'S lamp DHR
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4047_01 Globe lamp DHR
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4049_01 TRAWLER lamp DHR
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4231_01 Cabin lamp DHR
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4234_01 Bearing lamp DHR
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4238_01 VICTORY lamp DHR
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4520_17 Boat light HNA
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