Swedish salt and fresh water soap SKARGARD

The natural soaps SKARGARD for use on board are made in Sweden and are foaming even with salt water.
The seizing integrated with a cork ball cause the soap to float and enable it to behung up to dry.
These nurture soaps are made on the basis of pure plant oil like palm oil and other natural active ingredients.
The classic smelling seaweed soap contains precious vitamins and plant extracts, the fruity smelling sallow thorn soap is very mild. The essential fatty acids provide for an oiling of the skin.
Weight: 200g.

Shipping in a decorative cardboard box.

Article-No. model description net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
5914-001 Tangseaweed 14.24  16.95 
5914-002 Havtomsallow thorn 14.24  16.95 
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