BLUE paraffin

BLUE is a clear, odorless naphthene paraffin, without any additional perfumes.
Ideally suited for stoves, lamps and heaters.
Advantages: In paraffin cookers or heaters no clogging of the nozzle, in lamps it provides carbon-free burning.

Naphten paraffin may also be used to remove rust and for cleaning purposes.

Product Safety:
For this product the hazard pictograms and signal words shown above apply, as well as the following hazard statements: H304.

Article-No. contents l net EUR / unit gross EUR / unit quantity
4148-001 1l-bottle 7.52  8.95 (8.95/l) 
4148-005 5l-can 20.97  24.95 (4.99/l) 
4148-102 tap 8.36  9.95 (∞/l) 
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net: before tax, gross: include value-added tax (VAT)