TRANSOCEAN ISO / ISAF Life Rafts are equipped pursuant to ISO 9650-1 and ISAF,
and are thus intended for use even in extreme conditions. In addition to the basic equipment,
it has isolated double floors, accurate activation to -15°C, entry ramp, extensive emergency and
signaling equipment and more.

PLASTIMO has over 40 years experience in making marine-safety products. All life rafts are made in Europe.
The following equipment features are included on all life rafts:
- Double-hull system with a seawater-resistant, highly elastic polyurethane inner hull and an extremely resistant PVC-1100 Decitex outer hull.
- Patented servo mechanism to simply and safely open the gas supply.
- Stable floating position, even in high winds and waves, through exceptionally large, lead-filled ballast bags.
- Packed in a vacuum so that the life raft is better protected.
- 3-year maintenance can be carried out by partners located worldwide.
- When the maintenance schedule is followed, PLASTIMO offers a 12 year manufacturer's warranty.
- Basic emergency gear comes in every life raft.

Article-No. fits version dimensions mmweight kg net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
3260-404 4 personscontainer740x480x27033.50 1542.02  1835.00 
3260-406 6 personscontainer800x500x28038.00 1542.02  1835.00 
3260-408 8 personscontainer800x500x31046.00 1627.73  1937.00 
3260-410 10 personscontainer900x550x32055.00 2056.30  2447.00 
3260-412 12 personscontainer900x550x32089.00 2217.65  2639.00 
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