HEMPEL Antifouling CLASSIC Zoom


Robust and reliable, self polishing antifouling with copper compounds as active agent.
Sanding is not necessary before subsequent coatings. Applicable for all boat building materials except aluminium.
Ecological protection for the whole season in salt water, brackish water and fresh water sailing areas in moderate temperatures.

Yield: ca.11 m²/l

Product Safety:
For this product the hazard pictograms and signal words shown above apply, as well as the following hazard statements:
H226, H335, H336, H410 .

Use biocide products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Article-No. packaging colour net EUR / unit gross EUR / unit quantity
2577-412 2,5 l-bucketblack 67.14  79.90 (31.96/l) 
2577-414 2,5 l-bucketred 67.14  79.90 (31.96/l) 
2577-416 2,5 l-bucketblue 67.14  79.90 (31.96/l) 
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