TRON SART20 9GHz GMDSS radar transponder JOTRON

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JOTRON TRON SART20: This SART (Search And Rescue Transponder) radar transponder is a 9GHz sender/receiver with SOLAS certification for improved locating in case of an emergency at sea.
If the SART is scanned (hit) by a 9GHz X-band radar signal (after activation in case of emergency), it will immediately transmit a signal back that clearly shows the location of the accident on the radar screen of nearby vessels.
The TRON SART20 has an operating range of 10 nautical miles from a vessel and up to 30 nautical miles from an airborne response unit.

Maintenance free: Battery life 5 years, battery replacement may be done on board. Non hazardous lithium battery with no transport restriction (< 2,0g lithium).

Easy activation by pull-out switch.
Indicates (when activated) nearby vessels by LED and buzzer.
Standby 96 hours, activated life time approx. 8 hours (when responding to radar).
Submersible up to 1,0 m. Floating.

Reinforced polycarbonate housing.
Dimensions: H x D: 250 x 90 mm, weight 482 g.

IMO / SOLAS / GMDSS compliant, certificate MED-B-13272 (wheelmark).
IMO / MED / FCC approved.

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    net: €545.38

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