Compass Fluid Ethanol Mixture

3733*01 Kompassflüssigkeit Ethanolmischung
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Ethanol Mixture 45%. This compass fluid may be used in compasses from CASSENS & PLATH.
This fluid must not be used in C. PLATH compasses.

Before doing any manipulations to your compass, strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions. Each brand requires its special compass fluid. Mixing or confusing the liquids may destroy your compass. TOPLICHT may not be held responsible for any problems or damage caused by using wrong compass liquid.

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    3733-000 500ml Kompassflüssigkeit Enthanolmischung 45%ig 500 ml-Flasche
    Art.Nr.: 3733-000
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    net: €33.53 Content: 0.5 l   ( €79.80 * / 1 l )

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