ACR GLOBALFIX V6 EPIRB with wall bracket / RLS, NFC

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The distress beacon (EPIRB) alerts via COSPAS/SARSAT satellites. The Return Link Service (RLS) provides visual confirmation that the distress message has been received, giving a reassuring feeling. Near field communication (NFC) allows the EPIRB to be monitored via an app using a (suitable) smartphone.

Before delivery, the MMSI of your vessel must be programmed into the EPIRB.

To do this, please select the initial programming (Article-No. 3957-000) under "Accessories" further down on this page. In the last step of the order process, you can enter the required ship data under "Remarks": Ship name, MMSI, IMO no., call sign, flag.

Buoyant yellow polycarbonate housing. Integrated, fast-starting 72-channel GNSS receiver (GPS, Galileo, Glonass). Alerted rescue aircraft and ships are guided to the scene of the accident via the VHF directional radio signal (homing signal) on 121.5 MHz. Bright LED strobe flash (also infrared). Lithium battery with ten-year replacement cycle (must be replaced by a service centre). Space-saving, retractable antenna. With self-test functions.

Category II, manual activation: With plastic wall bracket. The EPIRB is activated manually in an emergency or automatically if it comes into contact with water.

Dimensions H x W x D: 280 x 109 x 111 mm, antenna length 190 mm. Weight: 810 g.

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    3955-600 ACR GLOBALFIX V6 manually ACR GLOBALFIX V6 EPIRB mit Wandhalterung / RLS, NFC
    Art.Nr.: 3955-600
    activation: manually
    description: ACR GLOBALFIX V6
    net: €646.22

    approx. 5 Workdays

    net: €646.22

    approx. 5 Workdays

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