ECHOMAX ACTIVE X / ACTIVE XS radar target enhancer

The active radar reflectors ECHOMAX ACTIVE X and ACTIVE XS significantly improve the safety of small boats through their superior visibility to radars.
Radar signals received from other ships in the 9 GHz X band (and the 2,9-3,1 GHz S-Band respectively) are electronically intensified and reflected.

Small boats can be read on a radar as far as 8 nautical miles, instead of 1 or 2.
Danger of collision is thus greatly reduced.
An acoustic warning signal (which can be turned off) warns of radar signals in the area and thus of close approach at sea.

This reflector is also well suited for mast-mounting, because its antenna is very lightweight and has little wind resistance.

Comes with 24 m of cable and a standard control box (Dimensions: 92 x 38 x 51 mm) with switch and LED display.
For 12 Volts only.

receives and sends signals in the 9 GHz X band.
Electricity requirement < 15 mA (stand-by), ca. 32 mA (active use with 10 radar signals).

receives signals in the 9 GHz X-band and 2,9-3,1 GHz S-Band.
Electricity requirement < 23 mA (stand-by), ca. 190 mA (X band), 155 mA (S band).

Available as option:
Waterproof control box (surface mount) and additional flush mount kit.

Article-No. model frequency L mmØ mmweight g net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
3052-001 ACTIVE X9 GHz47840330 587.39  699.00 
3052-002 ACTIVE XS9 / 2,9-3,1 GHz68540500 923.53  1099.00 
3052-103 remote control------------ 178.15  212.00 
3052-101 fluh mounting kit------------ 60.92  72.50 
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