TOT GEGLAUBT / Ronald Holst

9010-112 TOT GEGLAUBT / Ronald Holst
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Storms and failing winds, fog and inhospitable coasts, illnesses and accidents. The sea voyages of the past lasted a long time and were dangerous in many ways. Sailors who returned home were by no means always unharmed, either physically or mentally.

Viet, 14 years old, is now at the age when ship's boys go on their first big voyage. In 1862, the barque COMET set sail from Blankenese on Viet's first voyage. Through the English Channel and across the Atlantic to South America.

Life on board is extremely hard for the boy. One sailor turns out to be a violent criminal and murderer, others are alcoholics or sexually ill, infected with yellow fever or driven by special sexual inclinations.

Not all of those who set sail from Hamburg reach the South American coast on the COMET. Viet survives and sets off in search of his uncle, who has long been missing off Chile. It is not until five years later that he returns home.

192 pages. Format 14.1 x 20.8 cm, hardcover. German edition.

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