9003*61 FOLKEBOOT PAULA / Nicolas Thon
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A man and his boat: a great love.

Daredevil manoeuvres, energy-sapping crossings, accompanied by rough gusts and violent adrenaline rushes. Leaning. Splashing water. Rocking in the swell. Breaking cloud cover or a downpour out of the blue just before docking: hardly a sailing day passes without surprises.

But isn't the real adventure to drink the first sip of coffee in the morning sun to the twittering of birds and the cry of seagulls, to let your gaze wander over the shore of the anchorage and to know that you have only reached this dreamlike place through your own skill and on your own keel?

Both aspects - spectacular sailing and deep enjoyment - can be experienced particularly intensively on a small, unpretentious boat. A Folkeboat, as we have known for 75 years, is perfect for this.

How great moments of happiness can be, how deep the love for the boat, for the sea, for sailing, has been experienced by Nicolas Thon since the moment he laid eyes on his PAULA - which taught him everything, also took command itself sometimes, never bitched excessively and showed him: When the spare canister flies through the cockpit, there is clearly too much wind!

224 pages, numerous photos. Format 23,1 x 15,4 cm. Paperback. German edition.

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