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Cruising liferaft VIKING RescYou

VIKING's RescYou liferaft is ideal for cruising.
Quality products from the danish factory.
Large openings and oversize zippers make it easy to enter the liferaft during evacuation, and features such as large stabilising bags, automatic interior lights and insulated floor are designed to make occupants as comfortable as possible until help arrives.


ISO 9650-1 certified, ISAF approved and third party verified.
Flourescent yellow canopy enhances visibility from a distance.
Two viewing ports for cross ventilation and view of the horizon.
Oversized entrance with inflatable boarding ramp and ladder provides easy and safe evacuation from the water and gives direct access from boat and helicopter for evacuation from within.
Easy slide zippers offer the ability to increase freeboard.
Five separate air chambers.
Sea anchor, rescue quoit, buoyant knife.
Internal and external lifelines, righting strap.
Four 60 ltr. quick filling, weighted ballast bags offer stability and prevent the liferaft from capsizing.
Fitted with SOLAS grade high-visibility retro-reflective tape.
Mounted with SOLAS/USCG exterior strobe light and interior light.
Insulated floor provides additional thermal protection.
Fitted with ISO pack II equipment pack.

Available sizes: 4, 6 or 8 people.

Packed in a container or travelling bag.

Optional fasteners diliverable on request.

VIKING RescYou liferafts have a recommended 3 year service interval unless otherwise specified by local regulations.

Article-No. model version L mmW (B) mmH mmweight kg net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
3268-014 RescYou4valise80041036029 1785.71  2125.00 
3268-004 RescYou4container75045032036 1911.77  2275.00 
3268-016 RescYou6valise85047038036 1869.75  2225.00 
3268-006 RescYou6container80057032042 1987.39  2365.00 
3268-018 RescYou8valise80045045039 2071.43  2465.00 
3268-008 RescYou8container80057035048 2183.19  2598.00 
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